Medically Supervised Drug & Alcohol Detox in Johannesburg

Statistics show an alarming rise in drug and alcohol dependency in South Africa. An estimated 10.3% of adults consume alcohol at harmful levels, a frightening number, and around 8.6% of adults nationally use illicit drugs. These values underscore the very real need for accessible and effective detoxification services

Healing from substance abuse begins with a medically supervised detox process. Journey Wellness Recovery Centre is a leader in recovery services in Johannesburg, offering comprehensive and tailored programmes. Our dedicated approach ensures a safe and supportive environment for those seeking a life free from addiction.

Introduction to Detox Services at Journey Recovery Centre

At Journey Recovery Centre, we commit to providing exceptional detox services in Johannesburg. Our centre is a safe space for healing. Each patient is treated with dignity, respect, and compassion throughout detoxification. 

With a focus on individual needs, our detox programmes are designed to ensure the best possible start to recovery. We are focused on setting a firm foundation for lasting sobriety.

The Importance of Detoxification in Addiction Recovery

Detoxing is an essential first step in recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. It is the process of ridding your body of harmful substances before starting a treatment plan to address the addiction. 

Detoxing at Journey helps people start their recovery on solid ground. The entire process is safely managed under medical supervision. Detox addresses the physical dependency so that clients are ready to tackle the underlying causes of 
their addiction.

Alcohol Detox Services at Journey Recovery Centre

Alcohol detox is a significant step towards getting sober. We understand how physically and mentally challenging alcohol withdrawal is. Our dedicated services help people to navigate this initial phase. We aim to make patients feel wholly supported as they begin to take back control over their lives.

Tailored Detox Programme for Alcohol Addiction

Knowing how varied the experience of alcohol addiction is, our detox programmes are highly specialised. We tailor treatment to each individual’s circumstances. Taking a personalised approach improves the effectiveness of detox. This way, we can ease the transition into further treatment and therapy.

The Advantages of Our Alcohol Detox

Patients benefit from the knowledge offered by our experienced medical staff. We have state-of-the-art facilities, creating a safe and comfortable environment for detoxification. Our approach blends medical excellence with compassionate care.

Take the first step towards a healthier, sober life.

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Sammy Novick
Sammy Novick
Eternally grateful to Journey for helping change and transform my life. I was able to battle and overcome my darkest episode mentally thanks to every member of Journey's team. I now live a much more stable and enjoyable life - I feel I have now found 'pure happiness' and I could not have done this without the owners of Journey - special thanks to Yonit & Clive for helping me - will always be appreciative - and special thanks for convincing me to stay much longer than I planned! Since leaving, I have listened to a lot of their advice and it has helped me a tremendous amount to help me lead a stable and enjoyable life long term - words can not explain how much this place changed but also *saved* me. This place is remarkable and works *absolute miracles* - I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with their well being. Thanks to Journey I have also re-found my spirituality which helps me on a very frequent daily basis.
Irene Erasmus
Irene Erasmus
Greatful to Journey and Owners as my Choice of recovery Centre. Could never refer any other recovery Centre, Journey worked for me to place me on my Journey to full recovery feeling positive. Thank you again
Amy Coetsee
Amy Coetsee
I have come from very hectic recovery centres and this one is nothing compared to them. The people there are kind and loving and understanding. They will go out their way to help you. It is a very healing environment.
Samantha Marks
Samantha Marks
This is the best recovery centre, I have been to, focusing on the real issues behind and are part of all addictions, in a firm and compassionate environment
Claudia Port
Claudia Port
We are treated so lovingly and kindly. I'm truly grateful to be here. I know Clive and Yonit for years and they treat every patient with tolerance, understanding and love.
Futures Trading Academy Assignments
Futures Trading Academy Assignments
The staff are caring, understanding, conciderate and open to discuss was of resolving situations at hand. The Journey is run by a mature responsible group of people who listen carefully to my issues and find ways that are practical and approachable. The journey's people are generally calm and collective. I feel at home staying at the journey half way house. Thank you Journey for your support.
Amazing place. Good people, good food, the best rehab I’ve been too.
Jason Katz
Jason Katz
A tranquil place to recover in, it is the only rehab centre, I know of that to offer their residents regular Sound Journey Healing Therapy. Highly recommended
Sue Ann
Sue Ann
Journey has saved my son's life and would recommend them to anyone who needs help. The owners, Yonit and Clive are truly amazing people, as well as the staff. They took in my son as their own, and have given him back the will to live. My son has never been happier and stronger. For anyone struggling or who has a family member that struggles, look no further. Journey is truly unique, and sets people up for success even after they leave. They go way beyond helping with addiction, if it wasn't for Journey I would have lost a son. Look no further, they are the best!
Jason Lobel
Jason Lobel
I disagree completely With Jachin Swanepoels report. Journey is an outstanding facility. If a resident has a bad experience it is entirely at his own instance. All the staff act in the most professional manner.

Drug Detox Services at Journey Recovery Centre

The drug detox process at Journey addresses the complex nature of chemical dependency. When someone uses a particular drug for an extended period, it changes the way the body functions. Detoxing is complicated, and physical withdrawal can be very challenging, even dangerous. Our services assist patients through this process and prepare them mentally for the next steps in getting clean.

Our comprehensive drug detox programme caters to a wide array of substance dependencies. This includes heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, and prescription medications, among others. By offering a broad spectrum of care, we ensure that each patient receives the specific support they need to detox safely.

Our programme is built on an understanding of the unique challenges of different substances. By offering tailored detox plans, we can address addiction in a highly specific way, catering treatment to each person.

At Journey Recovery Centre, we take a very holistic approach to drug detox. Each patient deserves to have a treatment plan that covers all aspects of their addiction. A comprehensive recovery plan lays the groundwork for lasting healing. Some of the benefits of our programme include:

Medical Assistance:

Our detox is carefully monitored by experts in addiction. They help manage withdrawal safely and comfortably, any time of the day or night. This careful attention helps reduce any risks and makes sure patients are as comfortable as possible during detox.

Psychological Therapies:

It’s important to start dealing with the emotional and mental parts of addiction from the beginning. Our programme includes different types of therapy, like one-on-one and group sessions, to help start this important work early on.

Behavioural Therapies:

Behavioural therapies are a key part of our approach. They give patients new ways to change harmful behaviours and ways of thinking. These methods are vital for building strength against addiction and teaching how to cope in healthier ways.


Jaime: Journey has become my home. The care, support, and love from all the staff really do make me feel like family. They have helped me grow into the individual I am today.

B.G: Amazing facilities, super comfortable, excellent food, house staff friendly and helpful, counsellors are caring and professional, owners are hands-on and caring.

M.A: I highly recommend Journey recovery and wellness centre. The counsellors are incredible as well as the owners, Yonit and Clive, who are also extremely hands-on with the patients. The counselling team is beyond knowledgeable about addiction. The staff are nonjudgmental and are nothing but supportive and compassionate – they welcome you with open arms and you feel like you’re a part of a family. The facility itself is a homely and comfortable environment. There is no better place to grow and recover.

Why Choose Journey Recovery Centre for Detox Treatment?

At Journey Recovery Centre we prioritise safety, compassion, and personalised support. Our accredited centre is renowned for its high standards of care, delivered in a comfortable and healing environment. Our dedicated team of professionals guides each individual’s path to recovery. You are deserving of understanding and grace in this journey, and we are here to help.

The Benefits of Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Programme

Our drug and alcohol detox programme is designed not just to cleanse the body but to set the foundation for long-lasting recovery. It’s a blended approach that prepares people for the next steps in the treatment process.

Journey Recovery Centre is:

Additional Detox Services Offered

Beyond our primary detox services, Journey Recovery Centre offers additional support to address all aspects of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment:

Addressing co-occurring disorders during detox is crucial for recovery. It ensures that both mental health and addiction are treated together.

Nutritional Support:

Proper nutrition is key during detoxification. Eating well helps to rebuild your physical health, nourishing and strengthening the body for the journey ahead.

Comprehensive Aftercare:

Our programmes support long-term sobriety post-detox. We provide the tools and community you need to maintain a substance-free life.

Next Steps: What Happens After Completing Detoxification

Detox is how you start your new life free from the grip of addiction. At Journey Recovery Centre, the journey continues with programmes designed to address the root causes of addiction. Simply clearing your body and mind of substances is often not enough, and further treatment is what creates lasting sobriety. Explore some of our options for the next steps below.

Our inpatient programme dives deeper, offering intensive therapy in a structured environment. This is ideal for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, psychiatric conditions, or behavioural issues.

For those who need a more flexible arrangement, our outpatient programme offers regular therapy sessions and support. Individuals can maintain their daily responsibilities while actively working on their sobriety.

Our halfway house offers a way to transition smoothly back into everyday life. It balances independence with continued support. Participants can reinforce their recovery skills in a real-world context within a supportive community.

Get Started on Your Detox Journey Today

Making the first move toward recovery might feel daunting, but at Journey Recovery Centre, we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t wait to seek help. Contact us today at +27 79 465 4556 to set up a consultation or to inquire about our detox services. Your journey to recovery begins with a single step, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Embrace a New Beginning With Journey

Choosing Journey Recovery Centre for your detox needs sets you on a path filled with compassion, expertise, and a deep understanding of recovery. Getting professional help in overcoming addiction is crucial to long-term success. If you’re ready to break free and start over, reach out to us to discover a life beyond addiction.

FAQs About Detox Services at Journey Wellness Recovery Centre

Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. It’s the first step in overcoming addiction. It’s necessary because it helps manage withdrawal symptoms safely, under medical supervision. This lays the groundwork for recovery, allowing the body to begin healing.

The detox process at Journey Wellness Recovery Centre usually lasts 72 hours. However, we also offer a specialised 7-day detox programme for corporate clients who can’t take extended time off work. This includes the standard detox procedure plus four extra days of intensive therapy.

At Journey Wellness Recovery Centre, we detoxify individuals from a wide range of substances. This includes heroin, crystal meth, CAT, cocaine, psychedelics, cannabis, alcohol, and prescription medications. Our approach treats both substance-related and non-substance-related addictive behaviours.

Yes, all detox services at Journey Wellness Recovery Centre are medically supervised. Our detox is overseen by a doctor specialising in addiction. This ensures the safety and comfort of our patients throughout the process. Our staff provides support with compassion, patience, and respect.

After completing detox, patients at Journey can transition into our inpatient programme. This programme offers full-time care and support. For those who have work or study commitments, we offer flexible options such as outpatient care. This allows for continued treatment and support.