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Premier rehab centres in durban at Journey Recovery

Nestled in the heart of Ballito, Durban Journey Recovery and Wellness Centre is one of the leading rehab centres in Durban, providing a comprehensive and upscale approach to rehabilitation and health. Our modern centre exudes a cosy, hotel-like atmosphere that facilitates compassionate care. With our innovative treatment model, we address more than just addiction. We offer comprehensive services for trauma, anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric conditions.

We support our clients’ wellness by accommodating those with work or other commitments. With our tailored care, we address each client’s unique goals and needs. Our balanced treatments encourage healthier habits that foster a more rewarding, sober life.


As one of the top rehab centres in Durban we provide a peaceful space that fosters healing. We use treatments for addiction and mental health conditions based on professional guidance. This way, individuals battling these concerns can regain control of their lives.

With evidence-based therapies and holistic methods, each client’s care is extensive. Our specialised rehab programmes combine medical expertise, psychological support, and wellness practices.


Substance abuse can influence all areas of your life. This ranges from physical and mental well-being to relationships and general quality of life. That’s why our rehab services are integrated to help target and heal all areas affected by the addiction.

To make treatment more accessible, we offer various levels of care, such as:

Inpatient Treatment

Our Inpatient Treatment provides 24/7 supervision without the distractions of everyday life. As one of the top rehab centres in Durban, we offer private and semi-private rooms with ensuites and two clients per room. Clients can enjoy our spacious lounge and dining room with a seaside view.

Part of inpatient treatment includes group, individual, and family therapy. Proven techniques like cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) can also be implemented. This allows clients to tackle the causes of their addictions. Through healing and trauma counselling, clients can rebuild relationships and develop coping mechanisms.

Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Mental health and substance abuse are often connected. We ensure a non-judgemental space to unpack the root of each psychiatric concern. Conditions include bipolar, anxiety, depression, burnout, eating disorders, and addictive behaviours.

We integrate wellness methods and personal healing with scientifically backed techniques. This includes processes like:


We’re committed to building trust with our clients. To do this, we respect the complexity and individual circumstances each addiction involves. Part of this includes addressing the underlying causes of addiction.

At Journey, we believe that pain and trauma are pivotal factors in addiction. Therefore, assessing treatment options depends on the unique needs of each client. For clients with essential commitments, we allow monitored phone or laptop access.


We understand how distressing it can be to watch a loved one resist help. At Journey, we collaborate with seasoned social workers who specialise in addiction. This way, your loved one will receive unwavering support to help them accept recovery.

Through interventions, families can address their loved ones’ addictions in a caring manner. Our multidisciplinary team’s expertise is available to make this process more manageable.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

A medically supervised detox is available for all incoming clients. With our state-of-the-art facilities, clients can comfortably undergo the detoxification process. Our caring staff manages individualised adjustments to ensure clients are safe.

Outpatient Programme

Our Outpatient Programme will offer flexibility for clients to fulfill other obligations. Clients will receive intensive treatment while still living at home. With evening sessions, treatment will naturally slot into daily routines. Although our Ballito programme isn’t active yet, it’ll be a great step down from inpatient care, aligning with the high standards of leading rehab centres in Durban.

The programme will include various counselling modalities. To help with maintaining sobriety, we’ll incorporate aftercare support. This can range from relapse prevention techniques to continued education. After more intensive treatments, this programme provides tools for a lasting recovery.


At Journey Recovery, we take pride in our commitment to helping individuals with addiction embrace a life of purpose. As one of the leading rehab centres in Durban, we are conveniently located only 30 minutes from Umhlanga, 45 minutes from Durban, and 25 minutes from King Shaka Airport. Journey Recovery offers non-punitive care for those in the area and its surroundings. For international clients, the Rand exchange rate makes our luxury care even more appealing.

Our experienced team includes qualified medical experts, therapists, counsellors, and support staff. Our therapeutic staff are registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Nurses at Journey Recovery are registered with the South African Nursing Council. Journey Recovery is also registered with the Board of Health Funders (BHF), the Department of Health, and the Department of Social Development in South Africa.

We keep up with the latest evidence-based practices and continuously strive to improve our services. This allows us to provide high-quality care throughout each client’s rehab journey.

Our rehab facility in Durban provides hotel-like comfort and amenities and serene surroundings. This facilitates a compassionate approach to treatment, allowing shame-free growth for each client.

For relaxation, clients can access Wi-Fi, Netflix, live sports, and DSTV Premium. Activities like fishing, beach walks, and poolside and equestrian exercises can rejuvenate clients.

No one is just a number at Journey Recovery and Wellness Centre in Ballito, Durban. We understand that each journey with addiction is unique. Therefore, our team focuses on understanding your needs, challenges, and goals before compiling a custom plan. This personalised approach ensures the targeted support needed to achieve sobriety.

While in our care, we also tailor your meals based on specific requirements. As a SANHA-approved facility, all our food served is Halaal. We also accommodate those with dietary needs, such as kosher, vegetarian, and vegan. Food allergies are also taken into account in each client’s meals.

Testimonials from past clients attest to the comfort and care we strive to deliver:

M.A: I highly recommend Journey Recovery and Wellness Centre. The counsellors are incredible as well as the owners, Yonit and Clive, who are also extremely hands-on with the patients. The counselling team is beyond knowledgeable about addiction. The staff are non-judgemental and are nothing but supportive and compassionate – they welcome you with open arms and you feel like you’re a part of a family. The facility itself is a homely and comfortable environment. There is no better place to grow and recover.

B.G: Amazing facilities, super comfortable, excellent food, house staff friendly and helpful, counsellors are caring and professional, owners are hands-on and caring.


Although it may feel like an uphill battle, recovery takes one courageous step at a time. Our dedicated team provides unmatched support and respect. If you or a loved one are ready to seek help with addiction, we will start with a drug or alcohol evaluation.

At Journey Recovery, we’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide a detailed evaluation to decide the best treatment for you. Throughout your journey with us, your privacy and confidentiality are a priority. For dignified care and compassion, call us at 079 465 4556 or visit our website to learn more about our rehab services in Durban.


Bonitas can offer financial aid for entering a rehab facility in South Africa. The exact coverage will depend on your specific coverage plan. At Journey Recovery, we accept all major medical aids. This includes Discovery, Liberty, Momentum, Medihelp, Bestmed, and Bonitas.

Rehab in South Africa can have varying costs. Factors like the type of facility, the length of stay, and the level of care needed can all impact the fees. During an assessment with Journey Recovery, we will verify your insurance coverage and work with you to find a treatment plan that suits your financial circumstances.

Rehabilitation programmes involve a combination of therapies. This includes individual counselling, group therapy, and family therapy. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and educational workshops are also common in addiction recovery plans. At Journey Recovery, we prioritise holistic care that focuses on treating physical and physiological aspects of addiction.

Addiction recovery requires commitment and effort. Some important skills for recovery include self-awareness, coping skills, communication, relapse prevention, and motivation. We help individuals develop these to ensure a strong foundation for life-long sobriety.