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whether its substance abuse, sex addiction, gambling problems, depression or anxiety, journey can assist you.


Am I an addict? Do I need help?
Is my loved one addict? Do they need help?
We'll help you find the best course of action.


Are you struggling to get your loved one into treatment? We work with a qualified social worker to get your loved one the help they need, even when they don't want it.


The process of suddenly starving your addiction can be a shock to the system. Thankfully, we offer a medically-supervised detox to all incoming patients.


Our programme here at Journey is typified by a holistic treatment regimen including groups and alternative therapy.

halfway house

The next step for our patients where they can find their feet while still firmly rooted in our support system.


We help our patients settle back into their home environments and begin their new, and most fruitful, chapters of their lives.