What makes us different

Our approach

Each person’s Journey to recovery is unique. We design the best treatment options for each client taking into consideration their specific needs and challenges.

Our programme is centred around daily group therapy led by specialised counsellors.

Issues such as trauma, self-esteem, relationship issues, addictive behaviour and substance abuse are processed without judgment, blame or fear.

our founders



The light and colour of Journey, Yonit’s passion and experience for the field of addiction is rooted in her own personal journey where she guided her husband, Clive, to sobriety after decades of substance abuse. 

Yonit’s specialised approach encompasses a focus on trauma and the inner child. 



The yang to Yonit’s yin, Clive’s enthusiasm for working in addiction stems from his own experience, which saw him battle a severe substance abuse problem. Having found sobriety, Clive now sees it as his duty to help others.

Clive uses his 14 years of sobriety to guide his patients out of the chaos of addiction.

our centre

Cosy Rooms. Clean Bathrooms. 

Tranquil Pool. Spacious Entertainment Areas.  

20 minutes from sandton 15 minutes from rosebank 15 minutes from or tambo 20 minutes from sandton 15 minutes from rosebank 15 minutes from or tambo