My 6-year-old is driving my car!


We have all acquired certain beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Many people struggle with understanding
the battle of “knowing” their parents love them, and yet deep beliefs of feeling unloved. It is too painful, almost impossible, for a young child to acknowledge that his parents love him, but not in the way he needs to be loved, that their behavior is hurtful and damaging, that they do not “see me or love me for who I really am”.

2500 years ago, Buddha said, that with our minds we create the world. Gabor Mate’ says that it is the world we lived in as children that created OUR world, or our beliefs about ourselves in the world. If you grew up in a safe home where your needs were met and you felt heard and cherished your belief in yourself and your surrounding will be positive, you can be friendly and trust others, yourself, and your environment. You can understand what is safe or risky because you trust your gut feelings.

But if you grew up in a home that was volatile, where you felt unsafe, unheard, and unloved your outlook on the world and about yourself might be destructive. You might believe you need to show aggression, be selfish and protect yourself, because there is no one else that has your back. You might be fearful, suspicious, and anxious, because you cannot trust anyone, not even yourself.

When your inner child is still dictating your choices as an adult when your traumas are ruling the decisions you make as a mature person, you need to challenge that young part within you.

You will not allow a six-year-old child to drive you in a car – it is completely irresponsible and unsafe; the chances are that there will be a dreadful accident and some casualties; you will get hurt. Why let your six-year-old drive your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors?

Acknowledge to yourself that today, you are 100% responsible for your life and your choices. That you can trust yourself, with all your life experience to make the right decisions for yourself and your life. Take the steering wheel and guide your journey, acknowledging the hurt of the past, but allow the healing to direct your path.

Take control of your car and your life!